Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Behind the Fresno, CA water scam


Entire city rebuilt on top of secretly replaced water system. Unless the alterations / major reconstruction (without permits or inspections) are carried out in-between sales or under the guise of "home repairs" heinous methods are used to "clear the path."

Below: How the street was widened (destruction / reconstruction of street-lined properties) and altered property lines without leaving witnesses or complaints. (The risk analyst was paid to lie and set up property owners for annihilation of 4 parcels - mission accomplished.)

The City of Fresno then denied widening the street as well as relocation of fire hydrants, street lights, utility poles, etc. because the parcel maps and aerial views were altered to make it appear that things were always this way. The City's own water layout (as well as witnesses and photographs verify Olive Ave. was widened.)

Several feet cut off front lawns; alleys made more narrow to compensate

NOTHING was left standing as it was when originally built - altered parcel maps and aerial views are covering all of this up throughout town. Below: Same block as above.

Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst mentioned below, committed perjury to cover all this up and has since refused to acknowledge me.

Ongoing attempts to seek help for the suspected homicides, destruction, burglary, rape fraudulent legal documents and restitution for what took place resulted in perjury, death threats, and sexual harassment.

See how CA State Bar covered up for the fraudulent legal documents behind above victims, including an attorney who appears to be fake!

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Principal Insurance regarding their "top agent" (who "shared" clients with the above attorney)

Same diagram as above.

Conspired with Swieso - cancellation / non-renewal as clamped water lines were loosened, creating a massive mold problem. Sending MY business to Swieso's office despite repeated attempts to STOP!

Attorney Referral

Swieso on his property at Friant


===> CA Gov. Signs $11 BILLION water bond in Friant!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture says 1,000 words


For complete story re: CA central valley's 50-yr secret water diversion project CLICK: Marla

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fresno's "Operation Rezone" | The Cover-Up Continues

As you can see, there are several articles pertaining to Fresno, CA's infamous, "Operation Rezone." FBI conducted a 5 1/2-yr investigation, resulting in the conviction of several City employees along with the county's largest developer, John Bonadelle (who has since passed away.)







For me, the article that stood out from the rest was this one. Because then-Mayor Alan Autry's name is mentioned.


Introducing Wilbert G. Swieso, my former employer (and former employee of the City of Fresno), who claims to be the mastermind behind "Operation Rezone."

Mr. Swieso boasts of 50 yrs invested into the operation, which entails turning the city inside out in order to secretly replace the water system. He also claims to have tied in his own operation into the City's portion while referring to Alan Autry as nothing more than "another puppet" and saying that the City will never catch or stop him due to their incompetence. Where the line is drawn remains unknown. That is how Mr. Swieso remains protected - he involves people who will benefit / serve him.

Such as Alan Autry. After the suspected homicides of my family and neighbors, properties taken by fraud in order to rebuild on top of the new water system, Alan Autry had a Restraining Order issued against me. Perjury to call me a "liar" followed by death threats and sexual harassment. This is how Alan Autry prevented a report being made - he had the tables turned, deeming ME a "danger to THEM" and further prohibiting me from contact with anyone at the City of Fresno other than the very risk analyst who committed perjury to cover all this up and has since refused to acknowledge me!

My home was left a shambles; property insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for anything.

Property lines illegally altered; altered parcel maps (in escrow) used as "proof" that my home was overlapping on the properties taken by fraud - threatened with a lawsuit if I did not remedy the problem.

A large vehicle will no longer fit in my driveway; neighbor's driveway went from tiny to double-wide.

Mr. Swieso and his mob are relocating / reconnecting utility poles - in my case it resulted in crossed lines and an additional $900+/- that month. He was seen doing this elsewhere, resulting in more crossed lines.


Without notice, trees were removed from the street prior to front lawns being cut back; alleys were narrowed to compensate.

While Mr. Swieso is busy annihilating property owners in order to alter private property, Public Works comes in with the heavy equipment for the bigger alterations to city property i.e., water line replacement, street widening, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights. Using more altered records to deny these alterations!

All it takes to get by with this is elimination of property owners, altered records and death threats for reporting it.

Behind the "teamwork" Mr. Swieso has his own work crew and takes things even further. Laughing that no one will ever catch or stop him. He has plenty of people covering up and protecting him as the trail of burglaries, ID theft, fraudulent documents / insurance policies, suspected homicides and unsolved murders continue. It was not intended I would still be alive - fraudulent documents, fraudulent insurance policy; all assets distributed. I have since remained surrounded by those who were involved in what took place, in fear for my life as the horrors and death threats continue. I cannot survive this without restitution. Swieso and Autry set me up for annihilation; pinned into a corner with no way out.

Heinous crimes behind Swieso / Autry's "Operation Rezone." While stripping residents of human and civil rights, prohibiting reports (including evidence behind unsolved murders), John Bonadelle's name is being used to run people off their property prior to major reconstruction without permits or inspections. Altered records to cover up the evidence. Forged and fraudulent legal documents, insurance fraud.

Alan Autry's performances of "concern" over Fresno's water shortage keeps the focus off the truth - a new water system is now in place for secretly re-directing our water. Behind this man's so-called "concern" for farmers without water is great laughter by a group who boast that no one will "ever figure this out."

Look at my page to see how the city has been completely rebuilt on top of the new water system. This, my friends, is at the core of "Operation Rezone." Secret water diversion for upcoming development. CLICK: Marla

1 of 2

1 of 2
Three (3) relocated sewer manholes as well

2 of 2

2 of 2
Finished Product (Connecting Property)

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley
Olive Ave. widened as well - no notice

Side of Garage

Side of Garage
Found 6"-8" Deep

Beneath House

Beneath House
Beneath House / New walls

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash
Found under a new wooden floor in tool shed

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