Saturday, June 12, 2010

Central Valley Water Scam No. 2 (Re-directing MORE water)

After having property owners annihilated, Wilbert Swieso has title companies record the forged and fraudulent legal documents while altering parcel maps to cover up what he does to his victims' properties.

Recruiting various employees of the City of Fresno and PG&E allows use of heavy equipment for the water scam he has tied into Operation Rezone. Of course this also allows for more help in altering records, aerial views, directories, etc. After 50 yrs, he has created an empire.

With City of Fresno's office personnel and PG&E's office personnel looking at altered records, they deny any changes! Witnesses and photographs do not seem to matter ~ they are programmed to go by records shown on their computers. They do not seem capable of understanding that outsiders have taken over and altered their records to make it appear that things were always as they are now. Repeat: This is beyond the "Operation Rezone" cover-up - this is totally SEPARATE.

Any complaints or issues are referred to the risk analysts. Unfortunately, risk analysts are involved in Mr. Swieso's operation ~ one of them even assists in setting up victims for elimination. More suspected homicides, fraudulent documents and real estate fraud.

Mr. Swieso delights in talking of his German ancestry being superior to others, while comparing himself to "Hitler." He has taken full control ~ not only our City's overhead and underground utilities, but everything in-between, laughing that the City of Fresno is too "incompetent" to ever catch or stop him and the pubic is too "oblivious" to see what is going on right under their own noses.

Click on this link to learn one of the methods used in extermination of victims without leaving evidence. Dear God, why do so many people have to die

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alleged baby-selling ring linked to "Operation Rezone"?!?

Jeffry C. Winslow is owner of local Mono Hot Springs Resort.

Behind closed doors, Mr. Winslow boasts of 40 yrs behind the water scam described HERE. Tied into the City of Fresno's operation, which Wilbert Swieso calls the continuation of "Bonadelle's secret water operation."  Development fraud / corruption.   "Operation Rezone"

While Mr. Swieso, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind this operation talks of secret water diversion, Mr. Winslow indicated the end result would result in water being re-directed beyond Millerton/Friant, raising the level of water at the dam, which will result in piped water throughout his campgrounds. And of course where Mr. Swieso owns vacant parcels (Sky Harbor.)

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Mr. Swieso boasts of being braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking water laws and regulations ~ says the City of Fresno is too "incompetent" to ever see, catch or stop him. As long as they do not know what he is doing behind their backs, they protect and cover up for him! Stripping residents of human and civil rights ~ denying the right to be safe! ~ even covering up facts behind unsolved murders when linked to this nightmare.

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In my earlier blogs I have provided evidence that Mr. Swieso and Mr. Winslow, along with the City of Fresno's risk analyst, are targeting property owners for annihilation as the "path is cleared" behind this water scam, which allows their operation to continue undetected. To fully understand the magnitude and seriousness of what I am describing CLICK: Dear God, why do so many people have to die?

In fear of more attention being brought to "Operation Rezone" the City of Fresno prohibits reports pertaining to ANYTHING related to secret water diversion. Refusing reports, then they say this never happened because there is no record of reports. And the nightmare continues at the cost of human lives.

Mr. Winslow was one of the last people poisoning me. With plans for my final departure underway he told me things he would have never otherwise exposed.

1. Said he "got rid of his wife" and her family the same way he intended on doing to me. Evidence shows he was in the process of doing that. CLICK:
Winslow ~ rags-to-riches

2. He talked of a baby selling ring, even said his own grandson was stolen at birth. (Different nationality.)

3. He accurately predicted my neighbor's foot amputation/death 1 yr in advance. Said it was "normal." Diabetic Foot Amputations

4. Said he intended on taking/owning the Perez Laundromat across the alley from me. After being set up by the City risk analyst, Mr. Perez was never seen again. New owner of Laundromat lives next door to Mr. Winslow, linked to verified forgeries on deeds to his home. Mr. Swieso was seen forging the wife's name on an insurance application while saying, "You can't live for the dead."

5. Referring to himself as a "predator", boasted of using hidden cameras on his guests at the resort. Each time I was there, guest's homes were being robbed; some homes caught fire. Mr. Winslow's employees later showed up with clothes, jewelry, etc. they said were "given" to them.

Why is this not being investigated? Isn't the public entitled to be safe? Why did reporting Mr. Winslow as a potential "Danger to the public" result in being told to leave him alone?

1. "He has an impeccable reputation, therefore, no investigation." Prior to being targeted by this mob, poisoned and fraudulent lawsuits against me, I had an impeccable reputation too.
2. "No one has ever reported this before, so it will not be looked into." Isn't that what Jeffry Dahmer's victim said before being called a "liar" and thrown back for execution?
3. What about evidence that shows what he is doing? Reports are not allowed; therefore, nothing is on record. And because nothing is on record, there is nothing to investigate.

Do you see how this works? Out of fear of calling attention on "Operation Rezone" ~ reports are prohibited, allowing the horrors to continue. What chance do innocent, helpless babies / children have?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wilbert Swieso / John Bonadelle / City of Fresno ~ where is the line drawn?

In 1998, after a 5 1/2 yr investigation by Sacramento's FBI, the late John Bonadelle and various employees from the City of Fresno were found guilty of development fraud.

Fresno's infamous, "Operation Rezone."

February 21, 1998

Leading Fresno developer
is indicted on corruption charges

By Mark Arax, Mark Gladstone, Times Staff Writers

FRESNO - The developer who built much of Fresno and Madera counties over the last half-century, whose power has been felt by successive generations of local and state politicians, was indicted Friday on wide-ranging charges that he attempted to corruptly influence public officials to secure approval for housing tracts.

John Bonadelle, 80, was charged along with two former Fresno councilmen, one of whom served as Bonadelle's personal lobbyist for the past two decades.

The article is copywrited so click on link to read complete article.

Wilbert Swieso, a former employee of the City of Fresno, was one of Mr. Bonadelle's associates. Mr. Swieso laughed that Sacramento's FBI was too "stupid" to uncover the water scam behind the fraud. More interesting, however, was Mr. Swieso carrying on about his own secret water operation, which he claims to have single-handedly tied into the City / Bonadelle operation. He said the City of Fresno was too "incompetent" to ever discover or stop him from what he is doing ~ and the public was too "oblivious" to ever see or figure it out. On and on he went about altering the entire city's water system in order to have water diverted to the Sky Harbour, where he owned property. Boasting that no one is braver than he is when it comes to breaking laws ~ including water laws and regulations that prohibit development in that area. No one believed him because it sounded absurd.

NEVER ASSUME THAT SOMETHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Everything he said is true. CLICK: Wilbert Swieso's 50-yr secret sideline

It must first be understood that the City of Fresno does not want any more attention brought to Operation Rezone.

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Therefore, any municipal fraud reported to them immediately results in panic. They have reacted with name-calling, perjury, sexual harassment ~ followed by death threats. At the cost of human lives, the City of Fresno steadfastly refuses to address or document any reports of municipal fraud / corruption pertaining to the city's water system. (Nothing less than an open invitation for exactly what is taking place.)

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Due to the trail of illnesses, infections, deaths from raw sewage being discharged by Swieso's group ~ as well as reports of
poisoning and more suspected homicides, unsolved murders, ID theft, real estate and insurance fraud ~ it is imperative that this situation be looked into.

The City of Fresno's risk analysts cannot be trusted as they are among the people recruited by Mr. Swieso. The water department admits they are not behind the alterations to the water system, nor do they have any record of contracting such work out, but it goes no further. Same with street widening, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights ~ no record for it.

As unauthorized altering of city and private property continue, city records and PG&E records are altered to make it appear that things have always been as they are now. Regardless of the major building, health, environmental and safety code violations, no one questions anything.

So where is the line drawn between Operation Rezone and what Mr. Swieso is carrying out? How can we know when the City officials order perjury to deny what they do not even know is taking place?!? Example: CLICK: Swieso's Adopt-A-Highway (from hell)

Another example: The City of Fresno has no record of Olive Ave. (Tower Dist.) being widened. Once a tight, 2-narrow street, Olive Ave. now has a middle lane. This would not have been possible without destruction and/or major reconstruction of street-lined properties, yet no record for that either. A closer look shows this was done 1 block at a time. "Planting" of occupants; elimination of remaining property owners. Fraudulent/forged documents recorded; parcel maps altered in escrow; structures re-sold as "original." In addition to witnesses and photographs of Olive Ave. being widened, this can be verified on unaltered city records. (Photographs and unaltered city records have become extremely difficult to find ~ but not impossible.)

Note: Mr. Swieso has invested 50 yrs into his "secret sideline" ~ a closer look at what has been done down Olive Ave., through Fresno's historic Tower District as the street was being secretly widened. CLICK: Olive Ave., a 2-mi. radius.

Mr. Swieso has quite an entourage assisting him in carrying all of this out. For instance, Principal Insurance even assists him in setting up their own employees as well as clients. Gaining access with offers of "help with home repairs" ~ leaving a trail of more sewage back spills caused from replacing the city water system. Illness/deaths ~ more fraudulent/forged legal documents and insurance papers as Mr. Swieso cites his motto, "You can't live for the dead." DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance was eager to assist Mr. Swieso in annihilation of my family when targeted by Mr. Swieso. Coincidence or not, they have the same address as the Bonadelle Corp! CLICK: Insurance Nightmare.

I personally overheard Mr. Swieso having people run off their property ~ he was giving instructions on when to stop making payments so it would go into foreclosure. In the case of his own son, he stepped in and paid cash while laughing, "Most people are 1 paycheck away from bankruptcy." Other times he "plants" tenants who destroy, file fraudulent lawsuits. The risk analysts actually conspire with Mr. Swieso in creating mold lawsuits and insurance claims via the secretly-clamped water lines ~ Mr. Swieso's group boasts of "acquiring" property in this manner as well.

What is Mr. Swieso doing with all the fraudulent, altered, forged insurance policies? It appears he takes good care of those who assist him in annihilating his prey and/or assist with the reconstruction as they end up with new homes, investment accounts and/or new vehicles. Others are "planted" and serve as "credible witnesses" that nothing has taken place ~ their reward appears to be burglary of those who have been targeted for elimination.

He even moved an attorney into the office next door to his ~ creating fraudulent legal documents. It takes a powerful man to have CA BAR Assn. cover up something like this (or a lot of sabotaging, intercepting, discrediting of reports): CLICK: Swieso / Silva Legal Fraud.

There are witnesses besides me, who have seen Mr. Swieso and his mob relocating / reconnecting PG&E's utility poles and equipment. More altered records to cover up. (Disclosure laws cover up the alleged utility theft that also ensues.) There are victims who have been threatened with lawsuits regarding property lines that were changed by Mr. Swieso ~ more altered records to make it appear that the property lines were always as they are now. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, Mr. Swieso is correct ~ the City of Fresno appears incapable of looking beyond altered records to see what has taken place; others have been recruited and put their effort into covering it up.

On one hand, Mr. Swieso wants full credit for what he is doing ~ yet at the same time, he says this is the continuation of John Bonadelle's secret water operation. So by implcating Mr. Bonadelle in his "secret sideline," the City of Fresno automatically protects and covers up ANY and EVERYTHING linked to Mr. Swieso?

Regardless of the development fraud Mr. Bonadelle was found guilty of, I find it hard to believe he was involved in such activities as described above. Not to mention, he took great pride in quality workmanship and building standards. How dare the City of Fresno and/or Wilbert Swieso and his mob get by with linking Mr. Bonadelle's name behind such gruesome crimes, citywide construction without permits or inspections (as shown on my page), massive building / health code violations and more. But that is how Mr. Swieso operates ~ in some instances comparing himself to "Hitler" as he has everyone jumping and carrying out his dirty work, while other times referring to himself as a "chameleon" as he uses, manipulates, and points fingers at others for what HE is doing. He destroys lives and reputations of others, while promoting himself as honest and respectable. No one sees beyond the smokescreen.







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Three (3) relocated sewer manholes as well

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Finished Product (Connecting Property)

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley
Olive Ave. widened as well - no notice

Side of Garage

Side of Garage
Found 6"-8" Deep

Beneath House

Beneath House
Beneath House / New walls

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash
Found under a new wooden floor in tool shed

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