Operation Rezone?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BEWARE! Behind Central CA Water Scam / Drought

Our officials are covering up evidence behind 60 yrs of rebuilding the central valley on top of the revised water infrastructures.  Old records replaced with revised records.  “Historic” aerial views altered to match the new layouts as though nothing has changed.  Old books / directories reprinted.  “Old” maps resold on E-Bay (after being revised.)  Photos scanned / altered.  Online photos blackened or removed.

According to self-proclaimed co-mastermind, Wilbert G. Fresno (former employee of the City of Fresno) as well as others, this is a Bonadelle Development / City of Fresno venture.  Water diversion for massive upcoming development i.e., gambling communities, casinos, golf courses, race tracks, and of course the high-speed rail project.  Do a Google search – CA to become the next “Gambling Capital of the Nation!”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was brought in to approve many new casinos as well as new waterways.  Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) was used to prohibit reports of the ruthless, gruesome annihilation / takeovers accompanying this operation at the same time promoting himself as CA’s “water shortage” spokesman.

Clearly, those at the core of this operation did not foresee a REAL water shortage on top of what they have done / continue doing.  Officials in Fresno, CA have stooped to name-calling, perjury, threats and finally, a multi-million dollar cover-up of evidence (including evidence behind accompanying deaths/murders as paths cleared.)  The evidence is still her for anyone who looks beyond the lies and altered records.

The public is entitled to be safe - they are entitled to the truth instead of more lies as evidence is altered.  Per Mr. Swieso:  The public does not see what is going on right under their noses."  "Most people believe whatever they are told."  "No one will ever figure it out."

"California saw a record number of deaths from the West Nile virus last year, and the state's drought may have contributed to the spike in infections, according to health officials."
Click ===>  California saw record number of West Nile deaths in 2014  (4/9/2015)

"Native pigeons and waterfowl fall victim to avian disease.”
Click ===>  Fowl play: California’s drought fingered in bird deaths (4/2/2015)

Increased wildfire threats.
Click ===> Intensifying Calif. drought sets off alarms  (3/18/2015)

“Long-term withdrawal of water in the San Joaquin Valley is leading to a decrease of stress on the San Andreas fault, and this promotes earthquakes.”
Click ===>  The California Drought May Mean More Earthquakes (5/2014)

“On Wednesday, a group of scientists offered a new, intriguing theory: The quakes are triggered in part by the pumping of groundwater in the Central Valley, which produces crops that feed the nation.  These results suggest that human activity may give rise to a gradual increase in the rate of earthquake occurrence," said the study published in the journal Nature.”
Click ===>  Depletion of Central Valley's groundwater may be causing earthquakes (5/2014)

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The above links / information does not include how this operation has affected our tap water (pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems advised not to drink it) or the cases of illnesses, infections, respiratory, amputations and/or deaths following the sewage being discharged behind victims' backs as each parcel is turned over without permits / inspections.  Or the cross-connected water lines, let alone cross-connected gas lines behind fires.  Per Mr. Swieso:  "No one will ever figure it out."

So many horrific safety, environmental and building code violations, our officials are using altered records to deny all knowledge / responsibility as they focus on denying while covering up the evidence that was exposed.   Ongoing tragedy.

Friday, August 1, 2014

City of Fresno - Annihilations / Takeovers!

Happy and healthy until the sewage spills began.  Risk analyst (Rose Miranda) repeatedly lied about the cause.  With Rolf and I being set up for elimination, she took hundreds of photos of structure / contents for upcoming burglary / reconstruction.  Rolf’s death was horrific. 
Ongoing chemicals, along with repeatedly being taken out of town kept me oblivious to what was taking place on these properties.  The chemicals escalated after Rolf’s death (murder) – I had never been so sick or incapacitated.
Neighbors had been participating in what was being done to my family and our properties.  Once they were no longer needed, they were betrayed and set up as well, using the same technique – the difference is they were not notified.   I told Rose Miranda there would be sickness and death – she responded, “Not my problem.”  Because clearly, that was the goal – she REFUSED to warn them at the same time Wilbert Swieso (former employee with the City of Fresno, with 60 yrs invested into this op) demanded I not speak to them.  With the chemicals being administered, I obeyed, I was his obedient puppet.  More horrific infections, amputations, death ensued.
Neighbor on the other side, owner of the Laundromat, was also set up by the same risk analyst.  Never seen again as the water scam continued.  I saw Wilbert Swieso forge the name of his wife on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Exactly as he did with Rolf’s.  New owner claims to be the son – yet I met the sons, I never saw this man before.  Records show he is the next-door neighbor of Jeffry Winslow (Swieso’s accomplice), who I reported for poisoning me with intent to kill and take the properties by fraud. 
- Jeffry boasted about “getting rid of” his wife # 2.  Handwriting expert verified her signatures on deeds as FORGED, including the house he lives in! 
- Diane became the 7th wife of his long-time friend, also pleading for help claiming poison with intent to kill – dead age 39.
These people are extremely dangerous yet reporting them was treated as the biggest crime of all!   Organized murder – corrupt officials, attorneys, insurance agents, estate planners, bankers, realtors, title companies, more. 
Wilbert Swieso had invested decades into seizing all these properties.  And more.  Clearing the area, surrounding deaths and unsolved murders all linked. Once Rolf was dead, and plotting my final departure, he had thee Irrevocable Trust overridden with fraudulent legal documents appointing HIM in charge “if anything happened to me.”  (Using the same [fake?] attorney used in others left dead.)  In addition to Rolf’s 2 properties located on Olive Ave., he would also seize my home next door that was left with a mortgage on it due to trying to save and pay for ongoing major theft and damages on Rolf’s properties as well as Rolf’s medical bills that escalated after the sewage spills began. 
City of Fresno risk analyst knew I was being poisoned out of my mind – telling me I “imagined” all of this – theft / switching of everything from personal items to flooring, appliances, windows/doors – the structures had been rebuilt one portion at a time.  Property lines moved (I was threatened with a lawsuit by the man who took Rolf’s properties by fraud) if I did not comply with the new property line.  Streets widened, utility poles relocated – regardless of countless witnesses, the City of Fresno called me a “liar” and “crazy!”
At one point, after not hearing from me for awhile, Rose Miranda admitted all that took place on these properties.  But explained there was no record for it, nor was the City of Fresno liable because, “The previous owner had it done.”  SHE THOUGHT I WAS DEAD AS ALL THE OTHERS?  I reminded her I was still alive – my family owned these properties for generations!  I demanded to know WHY SHE DID THIS TO US?!?  Up to this point, Rose Miranda demanded I not speak to anyone other than her about what had been taking place.  Now, she said, “I can’t talk to you about this.” 
Of course I was mad – Rolf was murdered, properties torn apart then taken by fraud, with my final departure also underway (repeated attempts, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy on me, illegal distribution of assets) – HOW DARE SHE DO THIS TO US! 
So she recruited Senior Risk Analyst Kerry Trost to join her in using our Justice System for perjury – having a Restraining Order issued against me for “harassment” and called a “danger to ROSE’S life!”  They turned the tables, deeming ME a danger to THEM – as they denied everything that took place here.
I was turned over from Rose Miranda to Kerry Trost.  New rules demanding I was not allowed to contact anyone at the City of Fresno other than Kerry Trost, who smirked, “You will never prove it.” 
Upon providing solid evidence to Mr. Trost he first demanded, “That is YOUR problem, it is YOUR property!”  Upon reminding Mr. Trost I do not own nor maintain the sewer manholes, water meters, etc. IN THE ALLEY (which could not have been relocated without the destruction to connecting properties) he YELLED,  “THIS IS OVER!”  Refusing to speak to me again – the next round took place, to rectify the cross-connected lines.  Reporting Kerry Trost to the City of Fresno while pleading for help resulted in a threatening reminder – I was not allowed to contact the City of Fresno.
No help – no where to turn, I posted a blog.  The City of Fresno was keeping me monitored and responded to it with sexual harassment.
After the 3-yr Restraining Order expired I returned to the City of Fresno with more evidence – more photos, unaltered records, unaltered aerial views and told them there were witnesses.  Risk analyst, Kevin Watkins left me sitting for 20 minutes while he showed others what I presented – “This proves nothing.”  IT PROVED EVERYTHING!  And what about the sexual harassment – he denied it was sent from the City of Fresno, while practically accusing me of sending it to myself!  The ISP verifies it originated from the City of Fresno.
City of Fresno behind annihilation / takeovers.  They merely alter records and aerial views as “proof” nothing changed.  Witnesses are called “liars.”  (60-yr op; old books and directories reprinted.  “Old” maps reprinted and sold on ebay with new layouts.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fresno, CA Murders and Takeovers – My Turn – The Finale’

My comment became too long so I am turning it into a Note and making it even longer.  Out of order rambling but you get the idea.  Was previously inserted under: 

CLICK ===>  Its Called Digging Your Own Grave 

In other words: We poisoned while killing your family, overrode your legal documents, took your properties, had you raped, robbed of everything you owned.  Catheterized while incapacitated during more theft and reconstruction of the properties, then had your photos scanned /altered and called you a “liar.” We conspired with Eberwein Auto Repair in the VIN altering – same time your other vehicle (pride-and-joy) was stripped, never to run again.  We prohibited reports, which allowed us to get by with the same thing on your next vehicle.  After all, no matter what you say or what evidence you provide, YOU are the “liar.” Haaaaa!!!  

Why did the vehicles have to be switched?  Same reason the trailer cut down 2 times.  The property lines were moved; driveways narrowed.  With reports prohibited and your final departure being planned, no one would know what these people are running or how their victims are stripped of assets. 

Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/mjzu8uh 

Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/kdbjgmb 

Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/lgydu9a

Pic ===>  http://tinyurl.com/kphtzv4 
We killed your dog, Jett, so we could get back in. (A dirty, ruthless, underhanded technique that still leaves you reeling.)  Recruited 3 alarm companies to conspire with us, all those reports were prohibited as well. Your efforts to save anything by having the local Moving & Storage Co. haul your belongings to THEM was another joke - the faster we stole from there, your photos, hard drive, thumb drives and even digital camera cards were altered to make it appear that nothing was touched - not even your house!  Valuables totally removed from the photos - now prove they ever existed. Haaaaa!!! Even stole your gun so you had no protection.  

Painting and Restoration? Who better than Larry Gibson!  Another of our participants who claim your house was not altered – walls cut back and/or replaced with trash.   

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/ksg64bv

Pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/bvm9oee

ONE week after the death of your mother, you were told EXACTLY what would happen to your father and the properties. You were told 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how your next-door neighbor would die. You were told 1 yr in advance of Diane's upcoming death. Lance. And all the others. We never lied to you. You CHOSE not to believe us and when it happened, you still remained oblivious. At least for awhile.  Then you began putting the pieces together - including behind your mother's death.  With you at work (still being administered chemicals to keep you oblivious), neighbors planted, the alterations could continue.  That is what your father was trying to tell you - but like your siblings told you, you told him he was "imaging it." He also tried to tell you what was being done to him while alone trying to keep things going - he was not lying. You folks were the laughing stock - especially since your siblings were involved!  From "allegedly" having (Orville) to cut down / reupholster furniture, to switching throughout all properties.  Your siblings were as easy as you - kept so busy they did not see that this began long before that - let alone what we did to your other family members.  Nor are they interested. 
NOTHING you say means anything - we had your credibility destroyed while you were being poisoned!  As long as we keep you pinned down, unable to get appropriate help, you remain the scapegoat that allowed us to get by with EVERYTHING.  Except the initial portion back in the 60s, which is behind the current multi-million dollar cover-up.  It verifies what you have been saying.  It is a shame you did not end up dead when initially planned.  Oh well, as long as we keep you from getting past us, we continue covering up the evidence in order so YOU remain the "crazy liar!"  Don't forget - Mayor Alan Autry backed that up - including having YOU deemed a "Danger to HIM and his risk analyst who set up you and Rolf for annihilation - because you got away and exposed the atrocities!  Good God, we cannot have the truth about our born-again Christian exposed - after all, he is a "hero" to many - he is Bubba Skinner! 

How many of you "friends" also died after helping to set you up - or used as bait in the plot to eliminate YOU.  As far back as 1972, Steve C., from Easton. It continued throughout the years - death upon death as the torch was being passed.  With the help and support of Managers Rod Thornton and Bill Griffith from Principal Insurance - Mr. Swieso recruited Manager Jon - Jon recruited Diane - then they both ended up dead after serving their purposes!  Their reputations destroyed so once again, no one cared or questioned anything.  Their families remain as oblivious as all the others!  (Insert - Diane recruited Maggie of Principal Ins. - JCW [Swieso's accomplice who I reported for poisoning me with intent to kill] told me they would both end up dead, only the husband did.)
Your siblings are no different or oblivious than anyone else we recruit - as long as we led them to believe they knew everything taking place, we seized control of far more than they ever dreamed possible whi behind their backs, told you exactly how 2 of the 3 will die.  The groundwork was laid long ago - but you spilled the beans so things were put on *hold.*  No problem - like you, the longer it continues, the more legitimate it will appear.  

The widow who lost her husband (next door) after being set up not only continues to lie and deny what took place - members of family imply he deserved to die.  Horrible things being said. (Sound familiar?  Haaaa!!!!  No one gives a damn about him either.)
We had your computer networked to Swieso’s office – as if the insanity was not enough while the chemicals continued, after deleting / altering portions of it we had it printed out and distributed far and wide.  You continued being filmed and exploited via hidden cameras while poisoned, also distributed - totally destroying your life, credibility, dignity. You know the technique - you saw how we destroyed the legacy of others after serving their purposes, which left no one caring or questioning their deaths or disappearances.  Haaaaa!!!  Should forgeries of our victims be discovered, we simply lie and prohibit reports.

You, on the other hand, escaped several murder attempts (so far.) Still, we annihilated you so horrifically while keeping you pinned down for so many years – no one believes or cares what you say. 

Your behavior and treatment of Rolf was unforgivable ~ haaaa!!!!   You HAD TO BE PUNISHED FOR THAT.  Not to mention the bookkeeping!  No one suspected poison let alone what we were doing to Rolf or the properties - more proof of how far gone you were not to see any of this. Then we altered - then stole the bookkeeping as well as Rolf's medical records after framing you for MORE!  (If only we finished you off before you slipped out of our hands to expose this.  Better yet - if only Hank had done a better job.  But not to worry - we are still in full control.)


Once we robbed and tore your properties apart, we had to make sure you were prevented from filing insurance claims.  After the water lines were relocated, we loosened the one on Rolf’s property, then “planted” the tenant who had cement poured on top of it so nothing you did, no matter how much money you spent, resolved the problem.  We bled you for a new roof, 2 brand new central heating/air units that we switched with trash, same with the other building – awnings, windows, painting, etc.  As long as the risk analyst continued to lie about those sewage spills that were killing Rolf, etc. – you kept busy taking care of him – oblivious to what we were doing.  Rolf HAD to die so we could take the properties.  Haaaaa!!!   

We had you POURING money into Rolf’s properties – little did you know what was coming.  Such as DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance conspiring with Wilbert Swieso in cancellation of coverage for BOTH of Rof's properties on Olive Ave!  The tenant in the building with all the mold was going to sue the HELL out of you – and end up owning at no charge, as your previous tenant said she had done to her previous Landlord.  You slipped through our hands again.  Nonetheless, we nailed you – and ended up with the properties. 

You finally solved the electric theft on your property - then you discovered the cross-connected water and gas lines.  Brave - by keeping you monitored, we simply cover / alter evidence and deem YOU a "liar."  So what about the electric theft next door, while your parents were alive? To this day, the rates remain similar.  That's right, outsiders do not know the lines are cross-connected to the other structure that was taken from you by fraud.  You see how much electrity being used there - made to appear it is being used on the corner lot when your parents were still alive.  Haaaaa!!!!  Where was it tied into when your parents were alive?  Who else's utilities were your parents paying for?  Perhaps your siblings could help solve that mystery.  If not, Wilbert Swieso can.  (Including what happened to that participant - with all reports prohibited to protect Wilbert Swieso.) 

As for robbing and tearing your home apart behind the 2 properties on Olive Ave., Mayor Alan Autry had his risk analyst (the one who set up Rolf and the others for elimination) conspire with your property insurance adjuster in denial of all claims. As we returned to steal and tear up more, we then had you called a "liar" about your home's central heating and air conditioning unit being relocaed and switched with trash.  Including how it had been rigged for an explosion after the other attemts to blow up the properties failed. 
You see, there could be no claims on file – nothing to reflect what took place.  And with the fraudulent legal documents Wilbert Swieso conspired with David A. Silva, atty in preparing – once you were dead, a massive insurance claim could be filed.  Of course that is what all the cross-connected underground utilities were about – your 3 properties tied into the neighbors' properties.  Alan Autry then stepped in to finish clearing the path leaving more people annihilated - see who ended up owning the properties.  The insurance claims would pay for everything that was switched with trash as well as the restaurant Jeffry C. Winslow said was being planned. No one would ever question anything – not even the trail of this done to so many others during 60+/- yrs of rebuilding this City (and far beyond) on top of the water scam.  Even if they did – so what.  Reports and evidence are not allowed.

We kept you monitored, discredited, so no one (not even your siblings) would ever find out how long ago we began violating your family with intent to pull this off – your siblings allowed us to finish what we began back in the 60s!!! All we had to do was feed them bullshit and hang the carrots ($$$) in front of them – promise them you would die before Rolf - they were excellent puppets. Now look – from the surface, everything links to them instead of us!!! That is why they helped cover up the evidence of what took place – they don’t have a clue of what we did before recruiting them. That is the way it works. Hank appreciates it – we appreciate it. Best of all, your siblings never figured out the connection between Hank and Swieso let alone your parents' "friends" (yes, inc their detective "friend.") You never stood a chance.

Not only did we make sure you would never be employed again, cut off from both inheritances due to your “behavior”, we destroyed everything you did in your endeavor to become self-sufficient. 

It does not matter that you are telling the truth.  You have been destroyed so horrifically on every level, from every angle, for so many years, no one cares what you say, what you do or where you end up.  That includes Alan Autry, America’s heroic BUBBA SKINNER who was recruited to finish off you and your neighbors (Swieso’s accomplices all these years) – he went as far as to back up perjury to call YOU a “liar.”  Once again, regardless of the evidence or witnesses who know Bubba backed perjury, had evidence behind murders altered / covered up – it is YOU who must remain the horrific person in everyone’s eyes – to make it appear you deserved what was done to you.   
As you were informed long ago, “You made it further than any of the others, but you will not make it out alive.”  Bubba hammered the final nail in your coffin.  No one will ever see beyond the smokescreen.  
So as your siblings continue to laugh at you, proud of what they participated in doing, so do we. Problem is, you were supposed to be dead by now - you are still on the final property we already consider OURS. We just finished the final round of covering up the evidence (dating back to the 60s which proves what we did to your family and these properties that long ago.) So now, just as you predicted, after cutting down the amount of funding that kept you alive while we finished covering up the evidence - the time has come. 
You were recently given an option if you choose to survive.  Since outsiders cannot see how this works or can instantly backfire (or surrounded by the same group you reported for poisoning and attempted murder behind the annihilations and destruction of your family and properties - as well as others left dead after serving their purposes) it makes YOU look like a fool for not accepting.  In short, we will get by with everything just as we always have. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

They DO NOT KNOW! They CANNOT SEE! (Fresno, CA)

After I reported what the City of Fresno and their group did to my family and neighbors in order to carry out the water scam – they immediately reacted with name-calling, altered records, perjury, sexual harassment and death threats against me.  Since that time, more attempts on my life while continuing to be called a “liar.” 

The only way to cover up the evidence would be to completely repeat the scenario – major reconstruction (city and private properties) on top of the replaced water system – this time WITHOUT the clamps or cross-connections.

Mission accomplished.  Not only here but across both streets – everything I posted would have to be rectified in order to continue calling me a “liar.”  And of course so Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) would not be frowned upon for backing up perjury to deny what took place here, which resulted in more horrors, rape and hell.

Mayor Autry backed up the perjury because it involved the 60+ yr secret water scam.  In this case it also involved decades of chemicals/poison of my family and I so we remained oblivious to the preparations taking place – more so for me as I endured the additional hell in order to sever all ties prior to my final departure being planned.  Our properties were being altered; underground utilities being cross-connected to nearby properties in preparation for a massive fire. 

If I was/am a “liar” then why so much time, trouble and money into altering the evidence?  Who funded all of it this time? 

Can we set the cross-connected lines and attempted murder of me aside for a moment?  THAT IS A DIVERSION!!!!  People were MURDERED as this was taking place!

Recap:  The risk analyst was paid to repeatedly lie about the cause of sewage spills on these properties.  Including the neighbors’ properties WHEN THEY WERE NOT HOME!  She (risk analyst) repeatedly REFUSED to inform / warn these people of the extreme danger they were in.  (The chemicals kept me obedient to Mr. Swieso, who instructed me to stop all contract with them.) Upon expressing concern there would be illness and death the risk analyst responded, “Don’t worry about it.”  As the infections, amputations, deaths ensued she said, “Not my problem.”  Pleas for soil testing also refused, “Not my job!” 

By the time it was over, the properties had been robbed / torn apart / rebuilt with trash (much smaller), property lines changed, streets widened – I was kept so far gone with chemicals being administered without my knowledge – not to mention all the times Mr. Swieso and Mr. Winslow took me out of town so I would not see what was taking place, surrounded by “planted” neighbors who were rewarded to participate.  My photos scanned/altered, old documents stolen, public records altered to match the new layouts.  Poisoned, raped, catheterized during long durations as major reconstruction took place. In the end, the risk analyst told me I “imagined” all of this. Going as far as to recruit another risk analyst who together, committed perjury to call me a “liar” (as Kerry Trost smirked, “You will never prove it.”)  There are no words to describe what I have been through. 

For now, all of that needs to be set aside.  My point is that the operation is not over until each property has been “turned over.”  These participants merely made it easier – then they were eliminated, so the deeds could be altered!  The deaths that took place during all the above were PRE-MEDITATED.  Mr. Swieso zeroed in on fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties while Mr. Winslow told me 1 yr in advance EXACTLY how my next-door neighbor would die. (As done with others.) They used the same risk analyst to target the neighbor on the other side, who was never seen again – I saw Mr. Swieso forge the wife’s name on an ins app, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Linked to the unsolved “Polzin” murder 4 doors west when this took place there.  Linked to deceased Don, 1 house north of that.  That is why reports were not allowed – all these deaths are linked.  And so is the evidence – which is why it was ALL altered / removed / covered up. 

The intertwining of crimes is making it too difficult for the participants to understand that OUR FAMILY MEMBERS WERE MURDERED.  Which is why the continue to lie and help cover up the evidence of what took place on these properties.  So worried they will be found out for what they did and planned for me – they refuse to see what was done to the others.  They do not appear capable of setting the dirt aside to see how they were used in carrying out more than they planned.  Or how they set their own selves up in the “rotation system.”

I was employed by Wilbert Swieso MORE THAN ONCE.  So help me God I saw this same pattern carried out time and again (without the fire portion) – sewage spills, cover-up, hospitalizations, death upon death as he smirked, “No one will ever figure it out.”  In the condition I was being kept, I was oblivious, until after it was too late.  This man forged and altered his victims insurance papers and legal documents while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Exactly as done with Rolf’s estate.   Coincidence?  That same attorney (who closed his office and fled after I reported him) is linked to 2 more estates of people who died across the street, behind this operation. 


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresno, CA Continues Plans for Nuclear Power

After reading this article, guess which city in the U.S. continues making plans to build a nuclear power plant. Answer below.


ANSWER: http://fresnobeehive.com/news/2012/02/french_nuclear_company_remains.html>French nuclear company remains interested in building Valley plant 2/2/2012

+ ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
New dams. Solar power. Nuclear power. High-speed rail.http://www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov/

Here is 1 of many links regarding CA becoming the Nation’s “Gambling Capital!” Thank you Wilbert, it does add up.


If this is behind all the murder cover-ups and altered records to cover evidence of cities being rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system i.e., haphazardly-clamped together, cross-connected trash, entailing major code violations endangering the public in order to re-route water for an upcoming gambling community – it should come as no surprise they would continue to assure us that nuclear power is safe, even as earthquake predictions escalate.

http://www.fresnobee.com/2012/03/16/2763441/4-more-tubes-fail-in-tests-at.html>4 More Tubes Fail in Tests at Calif. Nuke Plant 3/16/2012
3,000 additional slot machines
Schwarzenegger classic ===> http://tinyurl.com/73qyxw5
CAUTION! Jeffry Winslow, owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort claims to be involved in above link!
Recap of Winslow ===>


Casino Bid ===> http://tinyurl.com/6mz5zmf
Schwarzenegger Horse Racing http://tinyurl.com/ykx24zb
CA gambling Expected to Grow http://tinyurl.com/7wnmq6m


While some countries are shutting down their nuclear power plants to avoid possible catastrophes, it appears Fresno is not the only city with plans to build MORE.
Below is a MUST READ! Learn the correlation to the current solar activity – the horrifying truth.
Click: http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2012-03-24/super-solar-flares-are-overdue-mass-nuclear-plant-meltdowns-will-happen/>Super Solar Flares Are Overdue – Mass Nuclear Meltdowns Will Happen 3/24/2012


A storm is brewing deep within the earth. It is weakening our magnetic shield. As this force field lessons, radiation and “deadly space weather” get through. That includes explosions of electrically-charged particles from the sun (solar wind.) Comets, asteroids.
This video explains the catastrophic decline of Mars after the loss of it’s magnetic shield. Solar winds. Planet impacted by huge comets. Oceans and atmosphere disappeared. Death of the planet. Are we next?
The molten core of our planet generates the magnetic field. The rate of decline is increasing, likely due to the poles reversing. As more solar energy / electric currents get beyond our shield, volcanoes and earthquakes are triggered. Click on the video to learn the process and where it appears we are headed. If you still think it is safe to continue building nuclear power plants, see link below, in next comment.
“Nova - Magnetic Storm - Earth's Invisible Shield”

Click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJUTUFAWfEY


Nuclear plants require electricity to operate. Should our power grids be knocked out from these powerful solar storms taking place, nuclear plants across the globe will go into melt down.

Click: http://www.naturalnews.com/033564_solar_flares_nuclear_power_plants.html>Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into total meltdowns



Click: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-201203230952usnewsusnwr201203220322flaresmar23,0,2320154.story>Solar Flares Likely Knocked Military Satellites Offline: Solar storms earlier this month may have caused military satellites to reboot 3/23/12



Solar activity is linked to earthquakes. Please learn about the increase in solar activity before believing or assuring others that building more nuclear plants is wise or safe.

Click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr8u_lDWt2k>Solar Activity causes earthquakes, volcanoes and weather events.


Wake-up call to the Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Subduction Zone runs from northernmost part of CA into southern British Columbia, Canada. There is a history of M9+ events (along Oregon & WA coasts.) The subduction is causing the land between the coast and the Cascade mountains to bow upward; when a great quake hits, inland areas (like Portland) could lose as much as 6 feet elevation in less than five minutes, as the bow is released.



At 26:30 min., the importance of seismic building standards is discussed. Since a megathrust earthquake is going to affect such a large area, I repeat – building codes in CA central valley were kicked aside during 50+ yrs of cities being rebuilt on top of a haphazardly-clamped water system. So much of this done without permits/inspections entailing massive code violations, which our officials do not want the public to know. Hence the altered records, perjury and death threats for exposing the truth.
===> http://tinyurl.com/27o2dhm
===> http://tinyurl.com/272y3uu


Please understand this before promoting, supporting, planning or agreeing with having more nuclear plants built!
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“here is the detail, that explains, why LAIC and Solar CMEs can even affect the decay rate in nuclear power plants up to the point, that you can't even shut them down, as happened in Fukushima ...”

Click: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/nuclear/nmr.html#c1>Nuclear Magnetic Resonance






“Safety shouldn’t be a concern, said John Hutson, CEO of the Fresno Nuclear Energy Group.”


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Three (3) relocated sewer manholes as well

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Finished Product (Connecting Property)

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley

New Sewer/Water Lines Down Alley
Olive Ave. widened as well - no notice

Side of Garage

Side of Garage
Found 6"-8" Deep

Beneath House

Beneath House
Beneath House / New walls

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash

Lines Switched With Corroded Trash
Found under a new wooden floor in tool shed

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